About Us

Extremely Focused

Our consulting group is flexible, collaborative, and ready to turn around projects in record time. We’ve cut our teeth at large agencies and major corporations, so we have a keen sense of urgency and specialize in brand, marketing and communications. Our expertise spans 25+ years with experience in a variety of industries, including: energy, health care, technology, oil & gas, wellness & beauty, real estate, fashion, entertainment and high profile personalities and events.

Transparency and Results

Our Monthly Performance Audit (MPA) offers clients the chance to take a magnifying glass to our work. We constantly analyze, measure and tweak our performance in order to stay on point with your goals. We don’t believe in hidden fees, ballpark hours and shouldas, wouldas and couldas.  In short, we dedicate our time to helping company Goal Diggers accomplish "smarketing" objectives on time and budget.

We’ve developed a stimulating, free-thinking, creative culture that inspires us to do our very best work every single day. We are a community of intuitive, passionate people who jump in, get our feet wet and work hard to keep our clients happy.  

Why clients choose Mad Hat Maven

We wear many hats, fill the gap, and provide leadership and effective communication. We are like an external hard drive for many companies, allowing department heads the flexibility to tap into the exact resources they need, whether it’s creative direction, search engine marketing, video production, brand strategy, copywriting, graphic design, web development, or social media. 

Mad Hat Maven can help companies who have been faced with annual budget cuts, overhead reduction of staffing and tools, and tasked with new program development. By bringing a team of consultants, writers, and designers to the table, companies get more bang for their buck. 

Our mavens specialize in digital media, communication, human resources, diversity and inclusion, digital transformation, c-level messaging, creative services, marketing, sales, team building, and leadership advocacy. 

Core Beliefs

Our mantra: No excuses, only solutions. 

Our core values are centered on placing people first and maintaining a flexible environment wherever we go. We believe in doing our job the right way with transparency and the upmost integrity and creativity.

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