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Turn to Creative Agencies for Staffing Solutions

Staffing Can Be Tricky

A business is nothing without its people. In exciting and challenging ways, staffing is a moving, shifting entity that can make or break a company. Most businesses will face at least one, if not all, of the following situations, all of which require creative staffing solutions:

For personal or professional reasons, you lose one or more critical members of your team, right before or in the middle of a big project.

Your business starts growing like gangbusters, and your staff cannot keep up with the influx of new work (even if they are willing to put in more hours).

You lose one or more significant clients, and you don’t have enough work to justify the number of full-time employees you have.

You start a new line of business, which requires some special skills that none of your employees has…yet.

Your business tends to take on creative projects only sporadically. It is not worth hiring full-time personnel, since you are never sure exactly when you will need creative services.

These are only a few examples. You’ve probably encountered many other situations that required innovative human resources management. Maybe things went well; maybe they didn’t. Whatever happened in the past, though, if you need quick, cost-effective staffing solutions for a creative project, a creative agency can bridge gaps temporarily or permanently with staffing solutions that fit you perfectly.

Reasons to Turn to a Creative Agency

Filling a Need with Temporary Solutions. If you lose lynchpin employees at a critical time, you need to fill those positions quickly. Unfortunately, it can take months to find a candidate who fits the bill, and you may not have that kind of time. Instead of making a decision under pressure, you can ask a creative agency for temporary assistance. The agency may support you with a team of multiple people or could provide a single person who can come work on site for a temporary period.

Expanding Your Workforce to Support Business Growth. If your business is growing, and you are not quite sure which new parts of the business will ultimately be your main focus, it might be wise to hire a creative agency rather than permanent employees. A creative agency will know how creative projects should be run. You can see how the process works and have reliable support until you are sure which parts of your business need permanent in-house support.

Training Your Employees for New Business. Creative agencies often have niche expertise in fields like web development, graphic design, writing, communication, marketing, public relations, art direction, television, and digital media. When your company started, you may never have dreamed you would need experience in some of these areas. A creative agency can help propel you forward into new endeavors, and many agencies can also train your in-house employees so you can develop internal, sustainable expertise.

Developing a Go-To Relationship for Special Projects. You may not have an ongoing need for creative services, but creative projects come up regularly enough that you know you need dependable support. Agencies can offer contract workers as needed so you don’t have to hire permanent employees for projects that only require attention a few weeks out of the year.

Staffing Solutions that Match Your Needs

Creative agencies have expertise, flexibility, and agility. They can be as involved as you need, and smart agencies will work with you to adjust the terms of your relationship over time, as your needs change. Sometimes, temporary staffing solutions turn into permanent agency relationships. Other times, an agency may be there for you during a single, high-growth period. Whatever the case, creative agencies can be a cost-effective way of helping you grow or sustain your business.

At Mad Hat Maven, we go with the flow to develop and reimagine staffing solutions that have helped many of our clients weather difficult times and grow into even stronger businesses. We pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we build with clients, but we are equally proud of the exciting one-off projects we’ve been a part of. Contact us today to talk in-depth about what you need and how we can be there for you.

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