What We Do

We’re solutionists.

Drive Traffic

From content strategy to conversion marketing, we know how to drive traffic. We offer strong SEO and content management practices for your website and digital marketing campaigns. Our web-dev specialists enhance content with fresh technology solutions that build interaction to help drive the right visitors to your domain to achieve your goals. Honk if you are interested.

Move the Needle

We offer a holistic and creative approach to sales and marketing AKA Smarketing. Our team is able to pinpoint cross-cultures, demographics and industries to deliver memorable campaigns that drive results. We use a zero-based approach to strategy: yours and ours. We specialize in combining two typically distinct disciplines of sales and marketing and creating one synchronous solution.

Engage Targets

We utilize tools to employ sophisticated algorithms to precisely target our audience. Through comprehensive research and data analysis, we identify demographics, behaviors, and interests, ensuring our content resonates with the right people at the right time. We optimize the user experience and engagement, maximizing the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategies.

Connect Socially

Our growth hacking strategies are fan-forward, which results in fast, tactical boosts of buzz-worthy brand content. This service is not like your parent’s social soirée – we know the digital party inside and out because we stay on top of the most current methods. Our social dexterity drives results. We consult, plan and implement cross-channel campaigns that connect brands and create loyalty.

Dive Deeper

Our specialized four-phase consulting program offers a series of meetings to discover, plan and outline solutions for your business. We offer digital media, marketing, PR, D&I, and HR solutions. We dig deep into your current brand strategy and then implement a plan that puts you in the driver seat. The necessary next steps are completely up to you.

Get Granular

Customers have questions, we have answers. We offer a full-service website audit to measure the performance of one of your biggest investments. We will report back with details about your website performance including content, SEO, metadata, conversions, traffic, UX, and overall website architecture.

What our clients have to say

“We had to quickly pivot after COVID-19 swept Texas. They didn’t waste any time; Mad Hat Maven launched an online marketing strategy overnight that resulted in increased sales within the first few weeks of implementation.”

“Mad Hat Maven is like our external hard drive offering a wide range of services. They fill the gap and take the lead for all of our communications and digital media needs.”

We've worked with some of the best brands in the biz.

Centerpoint Energy
Noble Energy
Figure for Fashion
UPI Loans
Fix Apple Now
Budweiser Freedom Reserve
Texas American Realty

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