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Public Relations and Reputation Management

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Our Public Relations team has over a decade of experience working in retail, wholesale, entertainment, real estate, building + construction, personalities, energy, health + wellness, and technology. Your reputation follows you everywhere you go. Hiring a professional to manage your business’s reputation helps maintain a positive brand experience for potential customers, shareholders, employees, job applicants, government bodies and the general public.

Heather J. Taylor heads up the PR department, working diligently on local, regional, and national campaigns. She’s pitched and placed her clients on media outlets including Good Morning America, FOX & Friends, Christian Today, Rolling Stone, New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Houstonia, Town & Country, and hundreds of radio stations and broadcast channels.

If everyone could afford a publicist, everyone would have one.
PR is an important part of day-to-day operations that becomes critical during an unexpected event or a crisis. Our team can help manage your public relations with clear and consistent messaging that meets your business goals. We’ve worked on a global scale, managing tours and media relations.

We’re good listeners – and we know how to tell stories.
Listening is the hardest communication skill, so we purposefully listen to our clients to ensure our ideas align with your goals. We will plan ahead and make sure we provide a detailed plan for your public relations strategy, including a crisis communication process. We’ve created stories, pitched effectively and have won awards for our PR media engagement and press tools.

Public relations strategies that work.
Effective reputation management incorporates a variety of communication methods to make sure stakeholders and the public receive important information about your company at exactly the right time. We have over a decade of experience in PR, including:

  • Product and service promotions
  • Event management
  • Brand journalism and content marketing
  • Social media auditing and management
  • Internal and external communications
  • Online brand audits
  • SEO strategies to help manage what people learn when Googling your business
  • Creating electronic press kits
  • Multimedia communications

We’ll create a public relations plan based on your individual needs and resources. We’ve worked with small businesses, nonprofits and major corporations, so no matter the size of your organization, we’ll provide the strategies you need.

Crisis Communications
You can’t always plan ahead for every event that could affect your industry or potentially damage your company’s reputation. But with the help of an experienced public relations team, you can act quickly to get the right message out. We help craft effective messages and press releases that strategically spread the word about your most important business moves.

From local to global, our public relations pros can provide a customized approach for your business. We offer hourly consults and monthly retainer services.

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The Mad Hat Maven team has 25+ years of experience in a variety of industries including, oil and gas, energy, retail, tech, hospitality, real estate, and entertainment. Meet the members of our team and get to know a little about us.
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