We give clients more bang for their buck because our team is diverse, flexible and knowledgeable.

Extremely Focused

The Mad Hat Maven team has 25+ years of experience in a variety of industries including, oil and gas, energy, retail, tech, hospitality, real estate, and entertainment. We get granular, fill the gap and provide solutions for marketing, creative, high-profile events, communications, HR, D&I, compliance, and more. We’ve cut our teeth at large agencies and major corporations, so we have a keen sense of urgency and know how to get things done – the right way.

Get the attention you deserve.

We give our clients a regular Performance Audit so they have the ability to take a magnifying glass to our work. We constantly analyze, measure and tweak our performance in order to stay on point with your goals. We don’t believe in hidden fees, ballpark hours and shouldas, wouldas and couldas. In short, we dedicate our time to helping company goal-diggers accomplish “smarketing” objectives on time and on budget.

We fill the gap.

Mad Hat Maven helps companies who have been faced with budget cuts, overhead reduction and staffing limitations. We bring a team of consultants, writers, and designers to the table, offering companies more bang for their buck.

Our team operates like a family.

Mad Hat Maven has developed a stimulating, free-thinking, creative culture that inspires us to do our very best work every single day. We are a community of intuitive, passionate people who jump in, get our feet wet and work hard to keep our clients happy. We wear many hats, offering effective leadership. Our clients tell us we are like an external hard drive giving department heads the flexibility to tap into the resources they need, when they need it, whether its creative direction, search engine marketing, video production, brand strategy, copywriting, graphic design, website development, or social media.

Our mavens specialize in digital media, communication, human resources, diversity and inclusion, digital transformation, c-level messaging, creative services, marketing, sales, team building, and leadership advocacy.

We value each other.

Our mantra: No excuses, only solutions.

We center our core values on placing people first and staying flexible wherever we go. We believe in doing our best, being transparent and having the utmost integrity.

Our team

The Creative Mavens

Photo of Heather J. Taylor

Heather J. Taylor

Chief Consultant

With over 20+ years wearing multiple hats as marketing consultant,  publicist, creative director and producer, Heather has in-depth experience in traditional and digital media, and keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving tech world. She has had the privilege to provide solutions for a variety of clients, including Exxon, Chevron, CenterPoint Energy, Reliant, The L.A. Forum, Sebastian International, Wella Corp, Plaza Athénée Paris, and Noble Energy. Her work has been awarded an American Advertising Award, multiple MarComm Awards, and National GHBA Awards.

Hometown: Army Brat
Favorite musical artist: Madonna
Favorite movie: Roman Holiday
Pet-peeve: Hired drivers wearing strong cologne/perfume

Photo of Eddy Roberts

Eddy Roberts

Lead Marketing Consultant

A brand and marketing strategist, he’s got the chops with a combined 16 years of experience that includes art direction, graphic design and brand development. Well versed in high-level marketing and process management with a strong customer-focused perspective, he is a problem solver that delivers measurable results. Eddy is a Lead Strategist on the Noble Energy account.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite musical artist: Dead Can Dance
Favorite movie: Old School
Pet-peeve: Stressing unnecessarily

Photo of Andrea Simonton

Andrea Simonton

Team Lead / Social Media & marketing

A natural born leader, Andrea has worked in the digital world for several years, honing content for a variety of industries including technical, oil & gas, and health & wellness. She supervises the writing and social media teams and serves as the Project Lead for Noble Energy.

Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Favorite musical artist: The Black Keys
Favorite movie: Auntie Mame
Pet-peeve: When people don’t want me to pet their dog

Photo of D. Steed

D. Steed

Project Coordinator

D doesn’t like the word “no”; his vocabulary mostly consists of words like, “get it done” and “figure out a solution”.  He lives life wearing an infectious smile, bringing unique creative insight and tremendous amounts of hard work to the team.

D recently joined the web team offering code and creative talents and is certified in Google Analytics.

Hometown: San Diego, CA
Favorite musical artist: Nas
Favorite movie: The Lion King
Pet-peeve: Littering

Photo of Khaliah Guillory

Khaliah Guillory

Diversity + inclusion Consultant

With 15 years of financial and strategy experience behind her, Khaliah began as an admin, climbing the ladder to  a C-level suite at Wachovia. Once she got to the top, they put her in charge of creating a strong diversity and inclusion program for the entire company. Since then, she’s been in demand, winning awards and helping companies develop strong D&I programs, workshops and events across the country.

Hometown: Port Arthur, TX
Favorite musical artist: UGK / Jay-Z / Sade
Favorite movie: Love & Basketball
Pet-peeve: Slow internet

Photo of Emma Atkinson

Emma Atkinson

Writer / admin assistant

Commended for her “eagle eye” around the office, Emma has worked as a writer and editor for several years. She currently writes tech, wellness, and diversity and inclusion blogs for our clients. Due to her efficient ways and strong organizational skills, she was promoted to the admin department and is the lead go-to for anyone trying to get on Heather’s calendar.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite musical artist: Rilo Kiley
Favorite movie: Away We Go
Pet-peeve: Houston traffic

Photo of Kawika Maszak

Kawika Maszak

senior Writer

Kawika grew up as a military brat, spending the first half of his life growing up in Hawaii. He has worked as a writer, editor, journalist, and producer, creating for outlets like ESPN and the Webby Awards. Since 2010, he has contributed to a variety of companies and projects, including Amegy Bank, American National Insurance, and Nap Bar, offering marketing, content strategy, and creative ideas that moves the needle.

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Favorite musical artist: Everything But the Girl
Favorite movie: Blade Runner
Pet-peeve: Animal cruelty

Dione Overshown

Senior Graphic Designer

Dione has nearly a decade of experience designing logos, brand identities, print and digital assets. She has worked on creating content for a slew of clients including, Reliant, Chevron, and Noble Energy.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite musical artist: Mint Condition
Favorite movie: Friday After Next
Pet-peeve: Bad drivers!

Photo of Yetundé Sola-Adebayo

Yetundé Sola-Adebayo

Web Developer

 With 3+ years of experience in programming and a Computer Science degree, Yutende offers her coding skills to the team. She has developed websites for several clients and is well-versed with the latest technology. She is a problem solver, finds creative solutions and uses the best tools for the job. 

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite musical artist: Maroon 5
Favorite movie: Black Panther
Pet-peeve: Slow internet

Emily Cline

Content specialist

Based primarily in NYC, Emily brings her creative and cutting-edge talents to the Mad Hat table as a content specialist. Emily has been working in the social media space for nearly 10 years and considers herself to be the ultimate go-getter. She also has an Italian Greyhound named Calvin who loves to crash meetings.

Hometown: Port Orange, FL
Favorite music artist: Panic at The Disco, Halsey, Drake, Queen
Favorite movie: The Wolf of Wallstreet
Pet peeve: slow walkers in NYC

Photo of Nikki Hall

Nikki Hall

Operations manager

Nikki can pay 2000 invoices in a single week with her hands tied behind her back, but decided to leave those days behind to pursue a more creative adventure with Mad Hat Maven. Nikki supervises accounting, project traffic and operations for the agency and enjoys helping out with video production and events.

Hometown: Mobile, AL
Favorite musical artist: The Strokes
Favorite movie: Anything Julia Roberts
Pet-peeve: Not putting shopping carts up in the appropriate spaces in a parking lot

Photo of Michelle Cowan

Michelle Cowan

EDITOR / Senior Writer

After working for Reliant as a writer and Content Manager for five years, Michelle decided to pursue her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. She has over a decade of writing experience and specializes in constructing sustainable information architectures within systems like SDL Tridion and OpenText.

Hometown: Borger, TX
Favorite musical artist: Wassily Kandinsky
Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Pet-peeve: When people pronounce “realtor” as “reel-ah-tor”


Photo of Raymond Tuquero

Raymond Tuquero

Digital Media Consultant

From offshore to onshore, Ray has directed, photographed, videoed and edited for oil and gas companies all over the world. He has created motion graphics for apps, websites, videos and even power point presentations, which is why he is an award-winning example of moving companies into forward-thinking motion.
Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen

Content Specialist

Originally from England, Rachel Cohen lives and works from Israel for Mad Hat Maven, bringing over a decade of experience in content marketing for our B2B and B2C clients. She wears many hats, excelling in research, development, writing, design, translation (Hebrew to English), and content management for all channels, including social media, advertising, and promotions. Hometown: London, ENG Favorite music artist: Itai Levi Favorite movie: Clueless Pet peeve: People throwing chewing gum on the floor

James O'Donnell


A long-time Houston resident (with short stints in Albuquerque, NM and Phoenix, AZ) who’s been doing freelance writing gigs for the past ten years. In addition to Mad Hat Maven, I’ve been fortunate to write for local outfits like Rice University, Norton Rose Fulbright and the Berkeley Eye Center of Houston. In between assignments I like to run, work-out, post on Reddit and chill with the dog. I recently picked up the guitar again, so you might see me playing out some night.

Hometown: Houston
Favorite movie: Avengers: Endgame (currently)
Favorite music artist: Classic Rock
Pet peeve: Same as all long-time Houstonians: traffic.

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