We give clients more bang for their buck because our team is diverse, flexible and knowledgeable.

Extremely Focused

The Mad Hat Maven team has 25+ years of experience in a variety of industries including, oil and gas, energy, retail, tech, hospitality, real estate, and entertainment. We get granular, fill the gap and provide solutions for marketing, creative, high-profile events, communications, HR, D&I, compliance, and more. We’ve cut our teeth at large agencies and major corporations, so we have a keen sense of urgency and know how to get things done – the right way.

Get the attention you deserve.

We give our clients a regular Performance Audit so they have the ability to take a magnifying glass to our work. We constantly analyze, measure and tweak our performance in order to stay on point with your goals. We don’t believe in hidden fees, ballpark hours and shouldas, wouldas and couldas. In short, we dedicate our time to helping company goal-diggers accomplish “smarketing” objectives on time and on budget.

We fill the gap.

Mad Hat Maven helps companies who have been faced with budget cuts, overhead reduction and staffing limitations. We bring a team of consultants, writers, and designers to the table, offering companies more bang for their buck.

Our team operates like a family.

Mad Hat Maven has developed a stimulating, free-thinking, creative culture that inspires us to do our very best work every single day. We are a community of intuitive, passionate people who jump in, get our feet wet and work hard to keep our clients happy. We wear many hats, offering effective leadership. Our clients tell us we are like an external hard drive giving department heads the flexibility to tap into the resources they need, when they need it, whether its creative direction, search engine marketing, video production, brand strategy, copywriting, graphic design, website development, or social media.

Our mavens specialize in digital media, communication, human resources, diversity and inclusion, digital transformation, c-level messaging, creative services, marketing, sales, team building, and leadership advocacy.

We value each other.

Our mantra: No excuses, only solutions.

We center our core values on placing people first and staying flexible wherever we go. We believe in doing our best, being transparent and having the utmost integrity.

We win awards.

When we say we get results, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’re the proud winners of multiple awards for digital campaigns, marketing, creative, design and PR, including:

  • 2021 Gold Hermes Creative Awards: AIDS Foundation Houston “Let’s Make History” Campaign
  • 2021 Gold Hermes Creative Awards: Noble Energy’s P3 Image Awards Campaign
  • 2021 Silver Muse Award: AIDS Foundation Houston/Mistr Ad Campaign
  • 2021 Gold AVA Digital Award: AIDS Foundation Houston/Mistr Digital Marketing Campaign
  • 2020 Platinum MarCom Award: Strategic Communications – Media Response
  • 2020 Platinum MarCom Award: Print Media – LifeSmiles Media Kit
  • 2020 Gold MarCom Award: Strategic Communications – Noble Energy Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 2020 Gold MarCom Award: Marketing/Promotional Materials – Mad Hat Maven Holiday Promotions
  • 2020 Honorable Mention MarCom Award: Logo Design – Texas American Realty Logo
  • 2020 Honorable Mention MarCom Award: Print Media – Noble Energy Annual Report Cover
  • 2020-2021 Reader’s Choice OutSmart Award: Best Creative Agency

Our team

The Creative Mavens

Photo of Heather J. Taylor

Heather J. Taylor

Chief Consultant

With over 20+ years wearing multiple hats as marketing consultant,  publicist, creative director and producer, Heather has in-depth experience in traditional and digital media, and keeps her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving tech world. She has had the privilege to provide solutions for a variety of clients, including Exxon, Chevron, CenterPoint Energy, Reliant, The L.A. Forum, Sebastian International, Wella Corp, Plaza Athénée Paris, and Noble Energy. Her work has been awarded an American Advertising Award, multiple MarComm Awards, and National GHBA Awards.

Hometown: Army Brat
Favorite musical artist: Madonna
Favorite movie: Roman Holiday
Pet-peeve: Hired drivers wearing strong cologne/perfume

Andrea Simonton

Marketing Consultant

A natural-born leader, Andrea heads up content and project management for our clients, working in a variety of industries including technical, oil & gas, hospitality, fashion, and wellness. She wears multiple hats, spearheading website development for fashion, staffing and technology companies, working as a creative lead for our social media accounts and serves as a lead consultant for Noble Energy, where she provides daily solutions for the legal, communications, corporate affairs and compliance departments. Her specialties include digital media, copywriting, creative content and internal communication solutions.

Hometown: Kenosha, WI
Favorite musical artist: The Strokes
Favorite movie: Auntie Mame
Pet-peeve: Littering

Donna Smith

Donna Smith

General Manager

Donna joined the Mad Hat team as General Manager in 2019, charged with the task of keeping all the plates spinning. She has developed her organizational and creative prowess through decades of production coordination, management and assistance on commercial and industrial video work, as well as live special events and broadcasts. Additionally, she has created advertising, promotional programs and social media campaigns for small businesses. Using her ability to see the forest through the trees while not losing sight of the details, Donna provides overall project management, and serves as a conduit to ensure a smooth flow of operations for our clients.

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Favorite Music: The Smiling Eyes
Favorite Move: It’s a Wonderful Life
Pet Peeve: The word “gig”

John Burks

Online Marketing Consultant

Born & raised Houstonian, John has been a fixture in the marketing industry for over 14 years. With a primary focus on web development, email and search engine marketing (SEM), John continues to evolve his craft as the online world changes at a breakneck pace. When not working, you’ll find him on the patio of a locally run coffee shop, learning about the latest trends or simply watching the cars & people go by.

Hometown: Houston
Favorite movie: Interstellar
Favorite music artist: Against Me!
Pet peeve: Complacency

Dione Overshown

Creative Lead

Mad Hat Maven’s brand would not exist without Dione. She’s been with the company since day one and her first assignment was creating our logo. Dione has nearly a decade of experience designing logos, brand identities, print and digital assets. She has worked on creating content for a slew of clients including, Reliant, Chevron, and Noble Energy. She spearheads the Chariot Energy design team and in her spare time, enjoys spending time with her children.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite musical artist: Mint Condition
Favorite movie: Friday After Next
Pet-peeve: Bad drivers!

Photo of Michelle Cowan

Michelle Cowan

EDITOR / Senior Writer

After working for Reliant as a writer and Content Manager for five years, Michelle decided to pursue her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric. She has over a decade of writing experience and specializes in constructing sustainable information architectures within systems like SDL Tridion and OpenText.

Hometown: Borger, TX
Favorite musical artist: Wassily Kandinsky
Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Pet-peeve: When people pronounce “realtor” as “reel-ah-tor”

Zinny Bonner

PR Social Media Coordinator

Zinny has always had a passion for connecting with people. She attended Loyola University of New Orleans where she received a Mass Communication degree with a concentration in Public Relations. Since moving back to Houston, Zinny has continued to stay active in the industry by freelancing, painting, cooking, or cuddling with her dog Kirby. She joined Mad Hat Maven in 2020 as the PR & Social Media Coordinator.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite Movie: Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella
Favorite Musical Artist: Jill Scott
Pet Peeve: Smacking while chewing

Photo of Raymond Tuquero

Raymond Tuquero

Digital Media Consultant

From offshore to onshore, Ray has directed, photographed, videoed and edited for oil and gas companies all over the world. He has created motion graphics for apps, websites, videos and even power point presentations, which is why he is an award-winning example of moving companies into forward-thinking motion.

Hometown: Military Brat.
Fav Music Artist: Currently, Maroon 5
Fav Movie: Ford Vs Ferrari
Pet Peeve: People not following through, especially at work

Tanya Sethi

Web Developer & SEM Specialist

Tanya has 10 years of experience in Website Design and Development. She also holds strong experience in various types of Digital Marketing and ECommerce Management.

Hometown: Indore, India
Favorite musical artist: Selena Gomez
Favorite movie:
 Being unorganized

Jeremy Jones

Motion Graphics Lead

With a decade of agency experience under his belt, Jeremy has worked on a variety of motion graphic projects around the world as a videographer, visual designer and editor for companies including Chevron, Walmart and Allura.

Gia Montalto


Never losing sight of the end goal, Gia shines whilst multitasking and working under pressure. Gia coordinates project schedules, resources, equipment and information while communicating effectively with clients to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives. She brings with her an intelligence background and Master’s degree in business and is fluent in Spanish, English and Korean.

Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite Musical Artist: Depeche Mode
Favorite Movie: Amélie
Pet-peeve: Pronouncing X in espresso

Victoria Quijano

Graphic Designer

Victoria brings with her 20 years of experience in graphic design and art direction. She has worked in several industries, both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike. She has worked on campaigns for a number of clients including Chevron, BHP, Baker Hughes, and University of Houston.

Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia
Favorite Musical Artist: Maxwell
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
Pet-peeve: The overuse of the word “unprecedented

Robin Dupre


Robin is a digital marketing specialist and editor with 13 years of experience with a proven track record in significantly increasing customer traffic and building customer relations. She has worked for most of the major publications in the oil and gas industry, specializing in technical writing. For the past six years, her primary focus has been on digital marketing and keeping abreast of digital trends.

Hometown: Bacliff, Texas
Favorite Musical Artist: Mumford & Sons
Favorite Movie: 16 Candles
Pet-peeve: Smacking/Loud Chewers

Scott M. Ladd

Creative Lead

With 25+ years in design, content and media, Scott began his career as a photojournalist in Kansas. He’s worn just about all the hats (usually at once!) in creative services, leads awesome teams and can’t wait to tell your story.

Hometown: Smallville, Kansas
Favorite musical artist: Nine Inch Nails
Favorite movie
: Black Panther
Pet peeve
: Bad typography

Larraine Gonzales

project coordinator/UX web developer

Starting out in the restaurant industry and working as a flight attendant, Larraine learned how to work with a variety of people from all backgrounds and walks of life while learning what makes any consumer’s mind tick. She made her way into sales and marketing, so her experience in customer service gave her a significant edge. Wanting to kick her sales and marketing experience up a notch, Larraine began developing an interest and later her education in Web Design/UI, eventually gaining a certificate in coding with Rice University. Her solution oriented attitude, precise attention to detail and infallible drive to always provide the highest quality product and services allows her to wear many hats on our team.

Hometown: Pasadena, TX
Favorite Musical Artist: Erasure
Favorite Movie: Reality Bites
Pet-peeve: Stickers on fruit

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