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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t about meeting quotas and putting checkmarks in boxes. It’s an inclusive strategy that begins with the process of discovery. D&I helps organizations gain a deeper perspective into how the personal experiences of employees can contribute to innovation and key messaging for internal and external communications.

Take baby steps or big strides – but make the leap.
Many organizations may find it challenging to implement corporate diversity and inclusion solutions. There may be internal obstacles, many of which may be unintentional and originate at the leadership level. But regardless of where your company falls on the D&I spectrum, Mad Hat Maven can help plan, develop and offer expert knowledge for successful program implementation and help craft the right messaging to promote it.

We offer customized D&I solutions.
We consult with international organizations to help create and implement approaches that help shift the way leaders and workforces view differences in culture and experience. Diversity is what makes us different and sets us apart. Inclusion allows us to see people first and understand that our differences shouldn’t be divisive.

We use a comprehensive multi-step process to develop and implement a D&I program that is tailored to your company. We’ll speak to your leadership and employees to understand what’s working – and not working – for your business. Then we’ll create a plan for executing the steps needed to effectively and strategically launch the initiative.

D&I consultants work by your side
Why are we so effective? Mad Hat Maven is defined by its diversity. Our consultative capacity includes leaders who specialize in D&I, behavioral science, personalities in the workplace, risk and reputation management, leadership training and more.

Because we have stacks of data on the subject, we know what works, and how to scale it to various industries, models and sizes.

If you need help rolling out a successful diversity and inclusion program, or crafting the right messaging to tell your story, contact MHM today.

We do more than talk the talk, we walk the walk.

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