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Company Culture

We’re solutionists.

We understand what makes humans tick, so we’ve developed a curriculum that helps companies not only find their voice but use it effectively. Our consultants have extensive experience in diversity, inclusion, leadership advocacy, recruiting, retention and improving company morale.

We encourage collaboration, creativity and conversation.
What level of awareness do you really have about your company culture? Do you understand the science behind the personalities and behaviors of your staff? Are your people passing each other in the hall without ever saying hello?

Mad Hat Maven has a team of specialists who can help you leverage business relationships by assessing and building a positive culture for your business. Our consultants and proprietary curriculum directly influence career growth and business development for small-, mid-size and large corporations.

Our company culture consult offers:

  • Customized relationship-building exercises
  • Personality tests and behavioral assessments
  • Effective internal communication strategies
  • Relationship-building tools
  • Value assessment
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Goal setting and prioritization support
  • Active listening and emotional intelligence training

Career growth
It’s important that everyone in a business knows where they’re going. For nearly a decade, we’ve crafted customized content and messaging for departments such as Human Resources, IT, Communications, Marketing, Government, Legal and Compliance during transitional periods or critical times. We’ve also created pivotal programs and processes that helped leadership find new ways of recruiting and maintaining top talent.

Social interaction
How do you react to a stranger asking for help? What about your best friend? A company culture needs strong social interactions between leaders, staff, vendors and clients. We all respond differently to stress, celebrations, icebreakers and team-building activities. That’s why we’ve developed proven methods to help diverse personalities understand each other and interact effectively.

Let Mad Hat Maven help solve your cultural problems and build a positive environment for your business.

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