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Few things in business are as misunderstood as a company’s brand because, although it has a very tangible effect on the bottom line, the brand is one of the most intangible aspects of a business. A brand is conceptual and lives in the mind of those who are aware of the company, but it develops out of concrete elements of the business. A company’s products, services, and reputation are critical components of the brand.

A strong brand strategy is determined by many factors, including:

  • Quality of goods and services
  • Customer experience and service
  • Marketing materials and messaging
  • Stock price
  • Leadership

Mad Hat Maven can help you take the necessary steps to build an effective brand strategy. We help revamp brands, strengthen existing company identities, design, craft copy and position companies to increase revenue. Our research team, strategists, art directors and consultants will collaborate with you to find out what will resonate with your audience.

Sometimes a brand simply needs a facelift. Other times, clients need a brand strategy coupled with a whole new look and feel. Our team works with your budget to customize a plan that fits exactly what you need.

Whether you need a brand strategy created from scratch or help relaunching a whole new campaign – the first thing we will do is listen. It’s important to walk through your reasons, motivations and inspirations to find an effective voice, look and feel for your company. If you only want a logo – that’s fine – but be prepared to fill out a questionnaire before we begin our work so we can determine what’s important to you.

When we hear our clients boast about our brand strategy services, we smile ear to ear.

When I hired Mad Hat Maven, I asked them to design my logo. Instead, I met two consultants, a writer and content strategist, who interviewed me about my company in great detail. As a result, I didn’t just get a logo, I received a well-thought-out brand and design.” Bryan Cotton, President Texas American Realty

We know what it takes to build a successful brand strategy, website or creative campaign for your company. If you have questions or want to schedule a free consultation, please contact us. We want to go places with you.

Regardless of which channel you want to utilize to get your message out, it requires a well-thought out plan. Every web page, each infographic and even the 280 characters needed to tweet require a cohesive strategy. Let us help you create a blueprint for success.
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What do people read when they Google your company? If you need help maintaining your reputation, or creating a new one, we can help develop a PR plan and online strategy.
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Whether you need a project manager, or a team of creatives to help fill the gap, we offer customized services to fit any type of business.
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