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Consumer Behavior

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At Mad Hat Maven, we look at every client, product, service and objective through a unique lens. Our Behavioral Science Consultants help take businesses beyond simply selling to a buyer. We’ll show you how to dive deeper and get behind the why.

We offer customized training programs, workshops, speakers and consultations to help you:

  1. Communicate effectively to the audience you want to reach.
    Whether you’re looking to reach new businesses or existing clients, we tailor every message to your target market.
  2. Identify the appropriate audience to achieve your business goals.
    Sometimes you aren’t sure what audience is best suited for your business. Using consumer behavior analysis, Mad Hat Maven can help pinpoint your targets and the best way to engage them.
  3. Secure the competitive edge by predicting trends and shifts in the market.
    The best way to plan for the future is to know what’s coming. Studying, identifying and predicting consumer behavior helps put you two steps ahead of your competitors.

Understanding consumer behavior is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We utilize our diverse team to bring you a diverse perspective. We are here to help you define the audience you’re speaking to, communicate with that audience and predict trends to get ahead of the game.

If you are interested in learning more about our in-depth consumer behavior services, please contact us.

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