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Why Businesses Are Pivoting to Digital Marketing During the Pandemic

Digital Marketing and Covid19

Life has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It seems like these days everyone can do most anything from the comfort of home. From Zoom meetings to ordering midnight snacks via door-to-door delivery apps, more and more people are living more digitally. 

It also feels like we are adapting to a whole new reality on an accelerated timeline. While loans and grants are helping many companies stay afloat, business owners and executives are discovering that new digital marketing strategies are needed to stay competitive.

A recent survey found that 83% of US businesses have overhauled their marketing plans since the start of the pandemic. For many, this includes stronger investment in digital marketing. If you’ve pondered how to succeed in the new normal, consider digital marketing solutions.

Find Your Consumers Online

While more people have been staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus, online shopping, searching and social media have seen more engagement. Online sales now make up 19.3% of all sales in the US – that’s a 43% increase since February. Folks are looking for essentials and ways to treat themselves, tuning into social media, apps and websites for bargains.

Question: is this change only a temporary response to the pandemic? According to some experts, most likely not. Online shopping was already becoming increasingly popular before the pandemic accelerated the digital trend. So after we have a successful vaccine, it’s unlikely that everyone will return to old shopping habits. 

With a complete digital marketing plan, you can make it easier for people to find you, buy your products and/or services and become loyal customers. If no one can find your website, it will definitely impact your sales.

Improve sales with digital marketing

The term “digital marketing” encompasses a lot of things, from website enterprises to remarketing online ads. Even social media marketing has its perks if you know how to promote effectively. And, if you’re using all of these channels, you may score a winning ticket.

How digital marketing can help drive sales:

  • Reach new prospects by ensuring your website rankings are effective in online searches and your ads reach the right audience
  • Retain current customers by building brand loyalty
  • Establish and maintain a positive reputation for your business
  • Drive sales by making it convenient and enjoyable to purchase your product or service
  • Keep people informed about new products or service you’re offering, how you’re keeping customers safe during the pandemic, and anything else you need them to know
  • Promote your brand by utilizing continuity in social media, website details and ads

Depending on the industry, your business is likely facing competition, including larger companies with bigger ad budgets. However with the right digital marketing plan, you can stand out in a crowd and educate customers about your unique strengths and benefits. 

Ask digital marketing gurus
At Mad Hat Maven, we’ve been helping clients reach, engage, and pivot new digital strategies throughout the pandemic this year, allowing them to reach new audiences every month. Our digital marketing experts are ready to help your business navigate online challenges and improve business sales goals. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation.

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